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Bikram Hot Yoga Brisbane South

Brisbane southside bikram yoga

 Stabilize your lifestyle to attain a healthy mind and physical strength with Bikram Yoga, a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. Practice this incredible style of Yoga and learn to control and heal your body and mind. Practicing Bikram yoga here at the studio of Yoga Bikram Brisbane South is an experience in itself.

 We are now offering a number of memberships at a reduced rate for a limited period until the end of January. All packages are added onto the end of your existing package.

Warm up  in the hot room with some Bikram Yoga.This Yoga is suitable for all ages, body types and gender; beginners and regular yoga practitioners are all welcome to practice yoga classes in Brisbane South. It compliments all sporting activity and thus, is a complete body workout from top to bottom inside and out. Bikram Yoga Brisbane south staff  are highly qualified and are happy to greet any new members. 


About Bikram Hot Yoga South Brisbane


Bikram yoga is a system developed by Bikram Choudhury based on hatha yoga techniques. Also known as “Hot Yoga”, Bikram Yoga is practiced in a heated room (at about 40°C). At  Bikram Yoga South Brisbane all teachers must complete the nine weeks of intensive Bikram yoga teacher training under the guidence of Bikram himself

Bikram Yoga  Salisbury is a licensed studio to teach this yoga in South Brisbane. Practicing this series of postures can  help your body release toxins in the form of sweat. Actively involving the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises can reduce your body weight and leave you looking good and feeling fresh. A healthy body is ideal for a healthy lifestyle and long life, and this yoga series has proved to improve body performance physically as well as mentally.


Where is Our Yoga Studio in Brisbane?


We are conveniently located in the middle of Brisbane’s Southside at Salisbury just off Evans Road. At Brisbane Bikram yoga we offer a specially designed place for practicing this world famous technique, we also have certified Bikram Yoga trainers to guide and help you through this life changing experience. If you got all the way to this part of our introduction about Bikram Yoga  in Brisbane, it’s obvious that you are more than interested in practicing the most famous and popualar style of  yoga in the  world Bikram Yoga.

Our goal is to help people, come visit us and experience for yourself what Bikram Yoga Southside Brisbane is all about.

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