Our Yoga Packages

In Bikram Yoga classes we have a complete line of packages for our new and existing clients. Starting fresh you can take up our introductory package, having duration of 7 Days and see your body improve in stabilizing your control and body health.

On completion of your introductory week take up the $99 intro month deal. This will give you a better understanding of the yoga and it's benefits.


What Preparations are required to visit Yoga Classes Brisbane South?


There no preparations required while coming to Yoga Classes Brisbane South. We have listed our class times on our website are able to accommodate all new and existing students with no prior booking necessary. The Studio is well furnished with all basic amenities like 3 private showers and 2 toilets in both the male and female bathrooms.


Yoga Classes Brisbane South Requirement


Classes are 90 min long and we encourage staying in room for the duration of the class to achieve the Maximum benefits. All new students arriving for their first class must arrive 20 min before the class starts . After the yoga class, students will notice their well being and will definitely feel good and relaxed.


Requirements and Carry-ins

  • Students must bring their own yoga mat and a towel (Towels and mats are available for purchase or rent at the studio also).
  • Students must have plenty of water before and after class to remain hydrated. Having a bottle of water is must. (Water bottles and coconut water are available at the studio also for purchase).
  • Students may also utilize security lockers available in the Studio.
  • Before class students must not have any food consumed for at least 2 hours.
  • Students should be prepared to sweat and must wear only light exercise clothing.
  • Students must inform their instructor prior to the class about any medical conditions, injuries, or limitations you may have.